Pismo podpore Sirizi ob ustanovnem kongresu, Atene, 10.-14. julij


Tovariši iz grške Sirize so nam poslali zgornjo sliko iz svojega prvega kongresa, ki v teh dneh poteka v Atenah. Za vodjo stranke je bil ponovno izbran Aleksis Cipras, ki ima na sliki inavguralni govor. Na kongresu so prebrali tudi naše pismo podpore:


Dear comrades,

Initiative for Democratic Socialism from Slovenia fully supports the cause of Syriza and congratulates you for your first congress! We regard that your cause is our cause. In fact, the situation in Slovenia has many analogies to the one in Greece. We are faced with rigorous austerity measures, privatizations and expropriations of commons, just like you. We are becoming a target of speculative financial markets attacks, just like you. We are forced to give up our standards of democracy, our workplaces and our well-being for the sake of capitalism, just like you. And last but not least, as in your situation, the capitalist elites are paying their crisis on the backs of the working people!

However, they disregard one important detail. In the similar way the people of Greece bravely rose to defend their rights, the people of Slovenia rose to fight back the markets, the capitalists and their illusion of democracy. As in Greece, people of Slovenia reject capitalist exploitation and demand radical change – democratic socialism!

We, as Initiative for Democratic Socialism, have risen from that struggle and are determined to fight until the final victory! But for the victory to be achieved, the international struggle against the international problem is needed. Your struggle is our struggle!


Proletarians of all lands unite!

In solidarity,

Initiative for Democratic Socialism